Welcome to the World of Commercial Photoshop Brushes by!

Hi! This is me. Silvia 😀

I am a photographer and a graphic designer! I worked for years from nine to five, as a web designer, graphic designer, I even made it to Art Director until, one day, I just decided that I want to break free (As Freddie would say), be a freelancer and my own boss.

And here I am.

It’s not easy, I don’t work from nine to five but zero to 24, but at least I do what I enjoy the most: photography, visual arts, blogging, creating Photoshop brushes, minding my own business … 🙂

As good old Confucius would say: Find the work that you like doing and you’ll never work again. So, it’s the same with me, I do work much much more than before, but then, I enjoy it so it’s fine.

Have fun creating!

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